The multiple benefits of downcycling plastic: A look at the Mobile Pumptrack.

The best hotspots for mobile pump track installations

Pump tracks are not only great fun for mountain bikers and skaters, they are also very popular with children, teenagers and adults alike. But what if you don’t have a permanent pump track in your community or place of residence? A great solution is to install a mobile pump track. These transportable tracks can be set up at different locations and therefore offer a flexible way to enjoy pump track fun at different locations. In this blog post, we will take a look at some hotspots where mobile pump tracks are particularly suitable.


Dirt Bikes ★ 10/10

Parks are ideal locations for mobile pump tracks. The wide open spaces and natural surroundings provide an attractive backdrop for outdoor activities. Parents can let their children play on the pump track while they enjoy the green spaces nearby. Parks attract people of different ages and abilities, which makes the mobility of a pump track particularly valuable.

BMX bikes ★ 9/10

Educational facilities are excellent locations for mobile pump tracks as they cover a wide age range and provide a healthy and fun way to exercise during breaks or after school. They also promote social cohesion and sporting activity among young people.

The pumping technique:

Sports events and festivals offer an ideal opportunity to present mobile pump tracks. They often attract large crowds, including sports enthusiasts, families and young people. A mobile pump track can be an exciting addition to such events and offer participants the opportunity to put their skills to the test.

Physical Fitness:

Urban recreational areas, such as riverside promenades, can be ideal locations for mobile pump tracks. They attract a wide range of visitors, including walkers, joggers and Cyclists. The installation of a pump track in such an area can help to increase the attractiveness of the area and expand the variety of activities on offer.

Respect other drivers:

Community events, such as flea markets, concerts or sports tournaments, are perfect places to set up mobile pump tracks. People attend these events to have fun and spend time together. A pump track can enrich the entertainment and activities during such events.

Youth centers and sports clubs

Youth centers and sports clubs are natural locations for mobile pump tracks, as they support and promote the interests of young sports enthusiasts. A pump track can help to attract and retain members and develop young people’s sporting skills.

Housing estates and neighborhoods

Mobile pump tracks can be a great addition to housing estates and neighborhoods to strengthen communities and provide a safe place for children and young people to play and exercise.

Installing a mobile pump track is a flexible and cost-effective way of making the fun and sporting benefits of a pump track accessible at different locations. Mobile pump tracks are not only a great leisure activity, but also a way to strengthen the community and promote physical activity in your area.

mobiler und modularer pumptrack für stadt

The best hotspots for mobile pump track installations

Discover the variety of mobile pump tracks – perfect for communities without a fixed facility. Our hotspots show how parks, schools and city festivals can become meeting places for active leisure activities with these flexible, transportable routes. Ideal for all age groups, they promote sport and a sense of community. Read on to find the best locations for your mobile pump track installation!

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