The multiple benefits of downcycling plastic: A look at the Mobile Pumptrack.

Inclusion and integration with Pumptracks

Inclusion and integration are two important societal goals that have received increasing focus in recent years. They refer to the participation of all people in all areas of society, regardless of origin, gender, age or abilities. In this context, barrier-free leisure options are also gaining in importance. One example of this is pumptracks, which are becoming increasingly common in towns and villages and offer an excellent opportunity to promote inclusion and integration.


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Waste reduction

Pumptracks are a form of recreation accessible to people of different ages and abilities. They do not require any special skills or equipment. Kids, teens, adults and seniors alike can have fun exercising on a pumptrack. This creates an inclusive environment where people can feel comfortable regardless of their physical conditions and abilities.

Wildlife protection

Pumptracks attract people from diverse social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They become community gathering places where people can talk to each other, exchange ideas and make friends. This promotes social integration and creates a sense of belonging.

Energy saving

Exercise and sports are important components of a healthy lifestyle. Pumptracks encourage people to move and be active. These activities are often playful and therefore especially fun for children and young people. By promoting exercise, pump tracks contribute to the physical and mental health of the population.

Promotion of independence

Especially for children and teenagers, pumptracks can be a place where they can strengthen their independence and self-confidence. When riding a pumptrack, they have to make decisions and learn to assess their abilities. This contributes to personal development and promotes integration into society.

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Job creation

Pumptracks attract people from different cultures who share recreational activities. This provides the opportunity for intercultural exchange and learning about other ways of life. Sharing a public space like a pump track can reduce prejudice and promote tolerance.

Cost efficiency

For people learning a new language or not yet fully proficient, participating in activities on a pump track can be a great way to practice the language in a relaxed environment. They can use instructions and conversations on the pump track to improve their communication skills.


Pumptracks can also be designed to be used by people with special needs. Barrier-free access, wider paths and special facilities allow people with physical disabilities to also enjoy this recreational opportunity. This promotes social integration and shows that people with disabilities are full members of society.


Pumptracks are not only a fun recreational activity, but can also make a significant contribution to promoting inclusion and integration in towns and villages. They create a space where people can come together regardless of their physical abilities, cultural backgrounds or age. These barrier-free recreational opportunities promote exercise, social interaction and a sense of belonging in the community. Therefore, the development and maintenance of pumptracks is an investment in a diverse and inclusive society characterized by integration and tolerance.

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