The multiple benefits of downcycling plastic: A look at the Mobile Pumptrack.

The mobile pump track

In recent years, the outdoor sports landscape has changed dramatically. More and more people are looking for activities that take them into the great outdoors while satisfying their athletic ambitions. Campgrounds and sports hotels have recognized this trend and are increasingly offering sports activities that meet the needs of their guests. A particularly exciting and versatile offer is the mobile pump track. In this blog post, we’ll go into more detail about why a mobile pumptrack is the ideal addition to campgrounds and sports hotels.
A mobile pump track is essentially a transportable pump track that can be easily assembled and dismantled thanks to its modular design. It can be used in different locations and different floor surfaces, which makes it a versatile sports facility.


Dirt Bikes ★ 10/10

  • Attraction for families
    Campsites are popular destinations for families. A mobile pump track offers a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Families can have fun together and improve their athletic skills.
  • Communication and community
    A pump track encourages social interaction between campers. Guests can challenge each other, share advice and make new friends.
  • Active lifestyle
    A mobile pumptrack fits perfectly with the active lifestyle that many campers seek. It allows guests to exercise and stay fit in a fun way.
  • Weather independent
    Since a mobile pump track is transportable, it can be placed in a covered hall in case of bad weather. Thus, the activity remains available throughout the year.
  • Attractiveness of the campsite
    A campground that offers a mobile pump track will be more attractive to sports-loving campers. This can lead to higher booking numbers and positive reviews.

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  • Versatile offer
    Sports hotels strive to offer their guests a wide range of activities. A mobile pump track perfectly complements the offer, supporting various sports such as BMX, skateboarding and inline skating.
  • Training possibilities
    Professional and amateur athletes appreciate the opportunity to improve their skills on a pumptrack. Sports hotels can organize workshops and training camps to address this target group.
  • Events and competitions
    A mobile pumptrack offers the possibility to organize sports events and competitions. This can position the hotel as a venue for sporting events and generate additional revenue.
  • Guest satisfaction
    Guests who want to do sports will appreciate the possibility to do it directly in the hotel. A pumptrack contributes to guest satisfaction and can lead to positive reviews.
  • Connection with nature
    Sports hotels are often surrounded by natural beauty. A mobile pump track blends harmoniously with the surroundings and allows guests to experience nature in a sporting way.


Overall, a mobile pumptrack is an attractive addition to campgrounds and sports hotels. It fosters a sense of community, supports an active lifestyle, and offers a variety of opportunities for activities and events. This sports offer will certainly help attract guests and increase the attractiveness of campsites and sports hotels.

mobiler und modularer pumptrack für stadt

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