Discover the exciting world of modular and mobile pumptracks

What is a pumptrack?

A pumptrack is a man-made circuit with undulating hills, banked curves and shallow jumps. The goal is to get faster and faster through pumping up and down movements of the body and to maintain this momentum over several rounds. Suitable for a wide range of rolling equipment, the Pumptrack guarantees excitement and fun for users of all ages.

Pumptracks are growing in popularity as unique sports facilities that offer an innovative way to ride a variety of rolling equipment such as bikes, scooters, skateboards and more. These exciting tracks allow riders to move through cleverly designed courses without pedaling, instead building speed through pumping movements of the body. In this article we will delve into the exciting world of pumptracks and explore their design, benefits, as well as the revolutionary eco-friendly ECOPUMPS – A customizable, modular as well as mobile pumptrack that significantly expands the world of outdoor activities.

The advantages of pumptrack riding

  • Physical fitness and skill development: Pumptrack riding uses various muscle groups and promotes strength, coordination and balance. It provides an excellent full-body workout for users of varying skill levels.
  • Social meeting place: Pumptracks are more than just sports facilities; they are meeting places for people of all ages and backgrounds. From beginners learning the basics to experienced riders sharing tricks and tips, the Pumptrack fosters a strong sense of community.
  • Safety and accessibility: Contrary to their exciting appearance, pump tracks are safe environments. They are suitable for beginners and pros alike, and many pump tracks are designated as beginner-friendly areas.
  • Promoting outdoor activities: With rising concerns about sedentary lifestyles, pump tracks offer a fun alternative for kids, teens and adults to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

The history of pumptracks

The roots of pump tracks can be traced back to the 1970s and 1980s, when they served as rudimentary BMX tracks. However, modern pumptracks in their current form were created around the year 2003 in Australia. With the release of the mountain bike movie “Earthed 2” in 2005, these trails gained media attention. Since then, pump tracks have spread around the world and evolved into various forms, including modular pump tracks and mobile pump track solutions.

The rise of pumptrack competitions

Pumptrack competitions are gaining momentum and recognition in the action sports world. These competitions bring together the best pumptrack riders from around the world to demonstrate their skills and speed on challenging tracks. Races are not limited to specific types of vehicles; they can include mountain bikes, BMX bikes, skateboards, scooters or inline skates – depending on the type of pump track.

Pumptrack competitions are often held in various categories, including:

  • Time race: The aim here is to achieve the fastest time on the pump track. Riders must complete the course as quickly as possible by building up speed through clever pumping motions.

  • Duel racing: Two riders compete simultaneously on the pumptrack. It’s not just about speed, but also about tactically overtaking your opponent in the corners and on the straights.

  • Best trick competitions: In this category, riders show their creative skills and perform breathtaking tricks, jumps and stunts to win the attention of the spectators and the jury.

Pumptrack competitions attract not only enthusiastic riders, but also an enthusiastic audience that enjoys the action-packed moments and the impressive skills of the athletes. The events foster community, provide a fun atmosphere and strengthen cohesion among participants.

The social and economic impact of pump tracks

The availability of pump tracks on public as well as private lands has a positive impact on several aspects:

  • Health and wellness: Pumptrack riding promotes an active lifestyle and improves people’s physical health. It provides a way to be outside, moving and having fun instead of spending hours in front of screens.

  • Tourism and visitor attractions: Pumptracks attract not only locals, but also tourists and visitors. Communities can increase their attractiveness by installing high-quality pump tracks in their public spaces, which in turn supports local business enterprises.

  • Youth Development and Community Engagement: Pumptracks provide young people with a meaningful recreational activity and an opportunity to develop their skills. Communities can organize around the pumptrack, plan events, and thus promote community engagement.

  • Green mobility: promoting sports that do not require fossil fuels fits well with green initiatives and can help reduce the carbon footprint.


Pumptracks have revolutionized the way people play sports and spend their free time. With the introduction of innovative products like Ecopump, this exciting world of driving is becoming even more accessible and sustainable. Pumptracks not only promote physical health and a sense of community, but also provide a platform for exciting competitions and creative tricks. As social gathering places and tourism attractions, pumptracks have a positive impact on communities around the world and will undoubtedly continue to excite action sports enthusiasts and novices alike.